utility expense management (UEM)

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Benefits of Utility Expense Management

  • Automatically processes, pays, and posts all major utility invoices in management accounting software
  • Full Integration with Property Management Software*
  • Real Time VCR (Vacant Cost Recovery) for utilities
  • Eliminates late fees & discontinued service due to automated on-time payment processing
  • Maintains accurate record of energy consumption and utility costs for reporting and detailed trend analysis
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Utility Expense management

Our innovative UEM service eliminates human error via direct feed from your utility provider to your property management software. Payments are guaranteed on-time.

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Utility Data Reporting

Portfolio level down to community specific Real time reporting of bill and interval data, budgets, forecasts, trending and energy management savings.

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Utility Invoice Auditing

Automated Audits guarantee that your utility invoices are accurate and paid on time. Multilevel audits of utility rates ensure accurate billing and reporting.