We Provide New and Retrofit Submetering Systems


Our local team retrofits aging submeter systems and installs new ones. We provide many options for your residents to conveniently pay bills through our online portal, and our award-winning support team is available during extended hours for any questions that arise. We are happy to advise the Board on local regulations, potential savings, and to work with all parties to ensure a successful implementation.

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We offer code-compliant, customized ratio utility billing (RUBS) programs as well as submetering systems. From system design and installation to monthly meter reading and billing, we’re here to keep your utility billing running smoothly. We even integrate with your property management software for a hands-free utility billing experience for your team.

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New Construction

We design, install and maintain submetering systems for new residential and commercial projects. We will work directly with your architect, general contractor, owner, and management company to ensure an effective and high-performing solution.

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Manufactured Housing Communities

We offer specific submetering products designed for outdoor installation.

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Student Housing

Submetering systems are the best way to encourage conservation. We design, install and maintain water, gas, and electric submetering systems.

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We retrofit and install new submetering systems for military housing and minimize the challenges around transient residents. We provide submetering services that include installation, reading and billing of equipment, and servicing of non-proprietary water, gas, and electric meter systems, and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems from industry leading manufacturers. We are dedicated to the seamless transition from resident introduction/notification to installation to resident billing and collections.

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Payment Address

Ikehu Utility Solutions
Payment Department
P.O. Box 86379
San Diego, CA 92138-6229

Corporate Office

Ikehu Utility Solutions
1001 Bishop Street, Suite 2817
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813