New Construction

Multifamily, Apartments, Condominiums, Townhomes, Public Housing, & Military

Ikehu Utility Solutions offers code-compliant submetering systems for all types of new construction projects. Whether your project requires submeters or is a certified LEED project we handle every aspect from system design and installation to maintenance and ongoing service.

We provide submetering services that include reading and billing of equipment, and servicing of non-proprietary water, gas, and electric meter systems, and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems from industry leading manufacturers. We are dedicated to the seamless transition from resident introduction/notification to installation to resident billing and collections.

With more than 20 years of experience in multifamily, condominium, commercial, new construction, mobile home and military submetering systems, our knowledgeable equipment technicians ensure proper installation and maintenance and monitor your system performance – working with your site maintenance staff to correct common issues and minimize service costs.

Ikehu Utility Solutions is committed to be an industry leader in customer service. We offer extended hours of live support. This allows us to respond to and follow up with residents, community staff, management, and owners without delay. Service requests and questions are handled in a routine and detailed manner, allowing us to track, respond to, and resolve customer issues quickly and professionally.

New Construction Submetering Products and Services

Ikehu Utility Solutions can provide electric, gas, water and sewer wireless submetering systems for any new construction project. We work directly with the architect, general contractors, owner and management companies to ensure that when owners or residents move in, the system is operational, and billing can begin immediately.

We are a professional service company providing equipment specification and supply. Most installations are completed by the project MEP subcontractor. Ikehu Utility Solutions will coordinate with local subcontractors through all phases of the installation giving the General Contractor a single point of contact.

Site Survey

From the project profile, a comprehensive checklist of items is prepared, for the technician during the site visit. This makes the visit efficient for the technician and site personnel. There are many factors that have to be taken into account for a proper installation to take place. Factors such as construction of buildings, electric, gas or water system layouts, building proximities, changes in elevation on the site, heating/cooling systems details, etc., affect the system design.

Scope Of Work

Utilizing the data available, a scope of work is developed summarizing the objective of the project, the equipment and technology to be utilized and desired result. The design build scope of work is made specific yet flexible enough to deliver a quality product, based on client expectations and a valued price.

Bid Documents

Bid documents include equipment specifications, installation guidelines, pricing and contract with terms. The documents outline site personnel and installation contractors’ responsibilities.

Project Management

Professional installation is the result of proper planning, communication and execution. All aspects of the project are coordinated through the project administrator. This is done to establish a single point of contact and accountability. While installation work is taking place, a project manager will supervise quality assurance checks to ensure the highest quality of work.

Ikehu Utility Solutions is committed to a professional installation. As certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), we have the expertise and knowledge that is necessary to insure the quality of the installation.

Set-Up & Quality Control

Upon installation, the project administrator monitors equipment an installation. The project administrator maintains oversight 3 to 6 months to insure the project meets the project specification. They also coordinate with the installers and billing departments to address the accuracy of the meter reads and bills.

After installation, Ikehu Utility Solutions reviews the installation and billing information. The site is set-up consistent with the contracted agreement. After 3 to 6 months the project administrator transfers the site to the Account Manager. The account manager will become the single point of contact for all aspects of the site.


The account manager prepares monthly site performance reports. The accounting team will manually analyze the daily data on a monthly basis, to look for any possible anomalies. From the data, service work can be coordinated with onsite personnel and the service technicians, to address issues as they arise in a timely manner.