Apartment Submetering

For Multifamily Properties

Ikehu Utility Solutions offers both code-compliant submetering systems and customized Ratio Utility Billing Systems RUBS for multi-family properties. From system design and installation to monthly meter reading and billing. We will provide ongoing service and handle everything, so you don’t have to!

We provide submetering services that include installation, reading and billing of equipment, and servicing of non-proprietary water, gas, and electric meter systems, and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems from industry leading manufacturers. We are dedicated to the seamless transition from resident introduction/notification to installation to resident billing and collections.

With more than 20 years of experience in multi-family, condominium, commercial, new construction, mobile home and military submetering systems, our knowledgeable equipment technicians ensure proper installation and maintenance and monitor your system performance – working with your site maintenance staff to correct common issues and minimize service costs.

Ikehu Utility Solutions is committed to be an industry leader in customer service. We offer extended hours of live support. This allows us to respond to and follow up with residents, community staff, management, and owners without delay. Service requests and questions are handled in a routine and detailed manner, allowing us to track, respond to, and resolve customer issues quickly and professionally.

Why Should You Submeter?

Submetering systems provides several benefits, whether promoting conservation, operationally or a combination thereof. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Promoting conservation
  • Reducing your administrative burden
  • Stabilizing rents
  • Reducing operating costs thereby increasing property value
  • Improving cash flow

Ikehu Utility Solutions Makes Submetering Simple

Ikehu Utility Solutions provides an easy, transparent, and seamless solution – managing the entire process from start to finish so you do not have to. From project management and planning to resident and management education to billing and collections, we are your partner.

We Do The Research For You

At Ikehu Utility Solutions, we believe that you must be fully informed about your options prior to making decisions regarding submetering. Ikehu Utility Solutions will provide each property owner and/or manager with a comparative recommendation to consider. We do the groundwork, provide the due diligence and rationale so you can make a more informed decision.

A Project Management Focus

Following the Project Management Institute (PMI) principals each project is carefully planned and organized to accomplish a specific objective. Ikehu Utility Solutions offers project management specific to utility-related programs within our area of expertise. The core of project management is managed expectation.

A successful Project Manager must simultaneously manage the four basic elements of a project: Resources, Time, Money and most importantly, Scope. All these elements are inter-related. Each must be managed effectively. All must be managed together if the projects and the project manager, are to be a success. Resources reference the people/contractors, equipment and material required. Time is the project duration – start to finish. Money is the financial requirements and expectation including contingencies necessary for a successful project.

Finally, Scope is the detail of project size, project goals and requirements. The scope should set specific goals and expectations. The scope should be agreed upon by all involved to ensure there is accurate and objective information, specific to performance expectations. In short, you cannot effectively manage the resources, time and money in a project unless you actively manage the project scope.

State-Of-The-Art, Web-Based Billing System

Ikehu Utility Solutions utilizes a state-of-the-art, web-based billing system. Residents will appreciate the benefits our system provides, including access to their account, in real-time, 24/7 via the web. Convenient online payment options via eCheck and credit card are also available to the resident through their online account.

24/7 property managers Access

Ikehu Utility Solutions’s property management access allows property managers to view the utility consumption of each building and/or unit, run reports and perform various functions via the web 24/7, in real time! Some of the key reports and functions the property manager has are:

  • Monthly Consumption profiling: Allows you to view water, electricity and/or gas consumption monthly for the entire building or by each individual unit.
  • Monthly Billing: See what Ikehu Utility Solutions has billed each tenant for. You can download a comprehensive report for the entire property or pull up individual copies of actual invoices from any current or past tenant.
  • Aging Accounts Receivable: A comprehensive Accounts Receivable aging report.
  • Over 95 Standard Reports: A variety of reports to meet your property specific requirements.

What Are The Steps To Start A Submetering Program?

  1. There are a few requirements to submeter utilities at any multifamily building to consider first. To submeter water each unit must have an individual hot and cold water line. Typically these units will have individual shut-off valves as well. To submeter electricity each unit must have an individual main breaker or breaker panel. To submeter gas there needs to be a single gas line servicing each unit and/or appliance (water heater, heater, fireplace, etc.)
  2. Contact Ikehu Utility Solutions for a free quote. It will help to provide us with a copy of a recent utility bill for the utilities you are interested in submetering.
  3. A property survey will be completed and a detailed proposal will be developed and delivered to the owner or property manager. The proposal will include the technical aspects of the proposed system, the cost and payment options for the system.
  4. Once the decision has been made to start submetering Ikehu Utility Solutions will develop a detailed installation plan for approval by the owner or property manager. Once the schedule has been agreed on Ikehu Utility Solutions will send each resident an introduction letter along with their scheduled installation date and time. This letter will also include additional information about why this is being done and what services Ikehu Utility Solutions will be providing. It is our goal to answer any resident questions so you don’t have to!
  5.  After the meters are installed, they are all read on the same day each month. Bills are produced and mailed or e-mailed to each resident. Ikehu Utility Solutions provides multiple payment options including online payments, payments over the phone, AutoPay and payments by mail.
  6. The money collected by Ikehu Utility Solutions is sent monthly to the owner or property manager who in turn pays the utility bill just as they have done in the past.