Why Choose Meter Maintenance?

A meter maintenance package will cover any labor costs that will be incurred during the lifespan of the system. Labor costs are covered by the service fee on the resident’s bill.

Complete Accuracy

Ikehu Utility Solutions ensures that meters are not faulty and are reading the actual amount being consumed. We monitor readings closely to ensure a community is recovering the most amount possible.

Being Proactive

A community will be informed when there seems to be a fluctuation (high or low) with the readings. Ikehu Utility Solutions will communicate with the community to determine if there is an issue, and how to resolve it.

Meter Maintenance and Compliance

Ikehu Utility Solutions uses reliable, high quality precision products from the industry’s leading manufacturers of submetering hardware. No matter the quality, all meters need maintenance to ensure accuracy for the benefit of both the resident and the owner. Our qualified and experienced technicians understand that quality assurance and control are the keys to a successful submetering system.

Ikehu Utility Solutions offers is a meter maintenance package that will cover labor costs during the duration of the system’s life.

Many existing submetering systems were installed prior to new regulations and are due for inspection.  Our relationships with various state and local regulatory departments allow us to  see what is required to ensure your meters are in compliance and consistently delivering added-value to both property owners and residents. Through continuous maintenance and monitoring of current and new regulations, Ikehu Utility Solutions ensures our systems are accurate and compliant.

Meter Testing

For meters to be effective, they must accurately read the amount of water, natural gas or electricity flowing through. Proper testing and maintenance procedures should be in place to assure accuracy.

Many residential water meters are the positive displacement type, which almost always slow down when they are worn or encrusted by minerals or debris. Residential meters should be checked, cleaned, and calibrated every seven to 10 years or as indicated by your state primacy agency. If adverse conditions, such as high minerals or large flows are encountered, meters will require more frequent attention. Water that has high levels of minerals will affect the operation of a meter over time.

Ikehu Utility Solutions offers a three-tier, full service maintenance program designed to fit your needs and your budget. Our program allows you choose the level of support that fits your properties’ needs at a price you can afford.

We can also show you how paying for it can be part of your residents’ monthly billing fees, ensuring them the best of care and meter accuracy. On-call service packages are also available.



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