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Collecting residents payment can be a hassle for the property manager and leasing agents. Let us create, distribute, and collect payment for the resident bills.

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Our bilingual, customer service team cares about your residents. We will treat your residents with the upmost respect and patience to ensure they are receiving the best service possible.

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Resident Collection Services

When using our utility billing services, we provide the option to the property of collecting resident payments onsite.  We can also collect resident payments on behalf of the property. When a property selects the option for all residents to pay onsite, their monthly utility bill will be paid for when they pay rent. A property should consider Convergent Billing if they are wanting to collect onsite. For a property that does not want the hassle of collecting onsite, Ikehu Utility Solutions requires residents to pay by Ebill, Autopay, Fastpay, via phone or mail in payments. Collections are a top priority for us and our clients. We achieve on average a collection rate of 96% using monthly bills, late notices and reminder phone calls placed by our Customer Service Department. The 4% of utility bills we cannot recover, we have a distinct process to ensure our clients have success in recovering those costs.

Call Our Customer Service Team

Ikehu Utility Solutions has the best in-house customer service team in the industry. Our Customer Service Team handles all bill questions even if residents pay onsite. We want to take the burden of utilities off the property, so we handle everything. Ikehu Utility Solutions’ Customer Service Team aid during extended business hours. Automated support for questions regarding current amount due and the option to make a payment on their account. Our Utility billing platform allows 24/7 online access for residents and Property Managers.

Residents can use the online platform to pay at any time, view their balance or sign up for our current services. Monday – Friday 3:00 AM HST – 5:00 PM HST Automated System Available 24/7/365



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Ikehu Utility Solutions provides Utility Billing services to all Hawaiian islands. We stay up to date with Utility Billing regulations nationwide to ensure proper setup and a seamless, error free implementation. Find out the current utility regulations in your locality.  LEARN MORE

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Resident Services
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Account Managers work directly with the property to assist with billing and training.
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Our Sales Team can assist property owners or management companies with information about our products or services.
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Our customer service department will assist residents with billing, account set-up, or payment processing.
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Ikehu Utility Solutions is dedicated to a sustainable environment through awareness and conservation. LEARN MORE