Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)

Increase your NOI with no capital investment

Zero Cost Solution to Recover Utility Costs

When a community wants to recover utility and ancillary costs without investing in a submetering system, we offer Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS). With a RUBS program, the master utility bill is allocated to the residents using industry-wide formulas that are based upon square footage and/or occupancy. RUBS can be implemented for utilities including water, sewer, electric, gas and trash. In most cases, our low monthly service fee is passed to the resident. Combined with vacant cost recovery (VCR), we are your partner in recovering utility costs.

Benefits of Using Ratio Utility Billing

  • Zero capital investment
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Encourages conservation
Ratio Utility Billing, Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)

Account Management

Our account management utility experts utilize real time reporting to monitor community performance and provide customized solutions.

Ratio Utility Billing, Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)

Software Integration & Payment Processing

We integrate with most property management software programs for on-site utility collection and automated invoice processing and payments.

Ratio Utility Billing, Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)

Payment Processing & Collections

Ikehu Utility Solutions offers bilingual customer service during extended business hours. In addition to resident payment processing, our internal collections team takes all possible measures to recover resident bills.