Kauai Submetering and Utility Billing

Kauai is home to 72,000 residents and we are proud to sell and service submetering and utility billing solutions on Kauai.

Ikehu Utility Solutions helps properties on Kauai manage precious resources with water, gas, and electric submeters. Ikehu designs, installs, and maintains submetering systems and saves AOUOs money. We specialize in multifamily properties, including condominiums, new construction, apartments, manufactured housing, commercial properties, student housing, and military housing.

Submeters can be installed during construction, and can often be retrofit into existing buildings. In the event submetering is not possible or desirable, a ratio utility billing system (RUBS) can be used to fairly allocate utilities among residents.

Ikehu Utility Solutions can also help with utility expense management, collections, and meter maintenance on Kauai and the other Hawaiian Islands.

Submetering saves money, but submeters also encourage conservation of our precious resources. With flat-rate or “all bills paid” programs, residents are unaware of their usage and tend to overconsume. Once residents start receiving utility bills, they become aware of their usage and start to think about conserving energy and water.

Modern submeters are reliable with a long life-span. You may be surprised to know that there are many types and brands available, and you do not need to buy them from the local utility provider. Ikehu Utility Solutions only uses master plumbers and electricians to install submetering products.

Let us design the perfect utility billing solution for your unique property. We are proud to be Kauai’s local utility experts and look forward to serving your utility billing needs.

Kauai has something for everyone, charm, history, majestic mountains, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and pristine beaches.

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