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Utility Billing Services

Benefits for AOAO Members

  1. Budgeting utilities allows for effective management of the association budget without surprise usage fluctuations.

  2. You can avoid high property utility spikes.

  3. You may be able to lower maintenance fees or temporarily halt rising maintenance fees.

  4. We offer resident convenience with multiple options for invoicing the residential usage.

  5. Boards can remove resident complaints about utility usage and fees from the board meetings.

  6. We offer guidance with a failing submeter system in place, and advice on suitable replacements.

Why Submetering?

Condominiums communities in Hawaii have specific utility recovery challenges. Retrofitting a community with a utility submeter system provides peace of mind for both the Association’s Board and Unit Owners in a number of ways:

  • Utility submeters provide accountability of utility usage specific to residential units.
    • Residents are encouraged to conserve when they pay for their utility usage.
  • Empowers unit owners or residents to change their utility usage habits.
    • Unit Owners can see their daily utility usage and learn to recognize high usage habits.
  • Unit owners or residents no longer subsidize their neighbor’s utility usage.
    • Pay for what you use, use what you pay for.
  • Provides a way to pull out seasonal utility usage fluctuation out of the AOUO’s budget guesswork.
    • Once residents pay for their own utilities, it becomes easier to help lower and manage maintenance fees as well as predict your AOUO’s utility costs.

Why Utility Reporting?

When it comes to keeping an accurate representation of your property’s residential utility usage, Ikehu is there to help your Building or Community management personnel account for each unit’s portion of their utility usage. Our basic services include:

  • Integration of meter reads into an available web-based platform.
  • Monthly report to your property or site manager that matches up each unit’s utility usage with your property’s monthly utility invoice.
    • This report includes an assessment of residential units with abnormally high or low utility usage in reference to their past usage preferences. This helps them foresee problems or prepare answers for resident’s questions.
  • 24/7 available online portal that includes daily usage of each residential unit to troubleshoot utility questions from unit owners and /or residents.
  • Customer service to answer utility usage questions from Board Members, Site managers and property managers.

Why Utility Billing?

Our utility billing services are provided directly to and with unit owners and residents. This eases the site and property manager’s time and energy to focus on other areas of property management. Our basic service includes:

  • Monthly Report to Property Management Company, RM/GM, and the Board.
  • Integration of Meter System into Ikehu’s Web-Platform
  • 24/7 Access to Reads for Resident and property manager
  • Customer Service to tenants/owners questioning their usage.
  • Monthly Bill Distribution.
  • Payment Collection.
  • 24/7 Payment Options including ACH and Debit/Credit Card Options

We help unit owners reduce their utility consumption and its associated costs to place them within their utility usage goal. As a new billing provider, we ensure smooth communication with unit owners, residents, property and site managers to provide an easy transition.

Meter Maintenance

Whether your property has a submeter system or is interested in being retrofitted with one; having accurate, consistent, and reliable utility submeters are crucial in providing accountability of utility usage and billing accuracy for your property. Our meter services include:

  • Free health assessment of your current meter system
  • On island (Oahu) technicians available to keep your submeter system up and running.
  • In-person assistance with submeter system troubleshooting.
  • Expertise in utility submeter system troubleshooting, repair and replacement of system components.

Retrofitting Your Property

When it comes to reining in out of control utility costs, Ikehu can help. We specialize in designing utility submeter systems that will fit your property’s utility infrastructure. Not all submetering systems are alike and upfront costs can vary, so why not let Ikehu help with looking at what will work best with your utility management needs? Here is what we offer:

  • Free site surveys:
    • We survey your property’s utility infrastructure, go over the utility monitoring needs specific to your property and provide equipment and service options as needed.
  • Ikehu is a national distributor:
    • We work with all major utility meter manufactures that specialize in Electric, Water, or Gas metering.
    • As national distributors we can offer you the most cost-efficient system components to fit your property’s budget.
  • We only work with and sell non-proprietary utility submeter systems only:
    • This means that any third-party service provider can read these systems.
  • We design and program automatic meter read systems (AMRS):
    • We customize your equipment to provide utility readings that fit what your property needs.
  • We can coordinate with your AOAO’s trusted contractor to ensure a retrofit that is complete and quality assured to be accurate, consistent and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions


Chain of events:

  • Site Survey
    • What kind of utility infrastructure is at the property?
    • What kind of services are needed?
  • Quote, Proposal and Summary are produced and distributed.
    • Materials are sent to the site manager, property manager, AOAO board members as needed.
  • AOAO Board Meeting
    • Answer questions and provide details about the retrofit project and services.
  • AOAO Signs Agreement
    • Ikehu works with property manager, site manager and AOAO to implement property into our system.
  • AOAO provides down payment for materials as agreed upon
    • Submetering materials are ordered.
    • 6-8 weeks for materials to be ready.
  • Materials are delivered to the AOAO’s contractor to install.
    • Ikehu coordinates with the AOAO’s contractor during installation and provides quality assurance checks to ensure equipment

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